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Through software testing & QA, the custom software developers at Orases are able to identify bugs, resolve security vulnerabilities and enhance the performance of custom software and applications. Warehouse management that includes development of applications or implementation of an ERP system to automate processes, making warehouse management more scalable, flexible, and fast. Liquid Freight solves logistical challenges for the liquid food-grade community. Up until recently the company had invested a lot in a well-known transportation management software to power the web portal its carriers used. To give you an idea of ​​the quality of our work, we would like to show you our logistics app development portfolio. It should be noted that Our logistics app, with which you will have the opportunity to meet, has fairly wide functionality and implements the task set for our team by the client in full.

Among such important modules are automated document processing, real-time tracking, order management. We create custom supply chain management software for each step of the process from inventory management to order fulfillment and everything in between. It aids businesses in understanding their unique selling propositions and limits in order to build solutions.

We can also help you analyze your IT environment and cybersecurity levels so that a technical solution based on them will reach its maximum effectiveness. The custom logistic software solutions development takes into account all the features of your business for its promotion and scaling in the market. Your company’s innovative and strategic goals will be achieved more qualitatively, faster, and cheaper.

New Versions Development

Leverage emerging technologies for better transportation and warehouse management, route optimization, and enhanced customer service. Logistics software systems and solutions to assist businesses in enhancing their warehouse efficiency, transportation processes, inventory management, and transparency. We help companies make logistics operations more efficient by implementing smart solutions. Automation and speeding up the supply chain and delivery processes are increasing the customers’ satisfaction.

  • In addition, this software optimizes the delivery process, which increases their satisfaction with the service.
  • If the repair requires professional skills, the software can automatically notify the maintenance team that help is needed in the particular area.
  • This allows you to make smarter decisions on fuel consumption, asset management and route optimisation, while providing automated trip logging to improve the operational safety of your entire fleet.
  • Enable them to collect feedback and capture digital signatures using the same application.
  • You will get WMS which allows you to facilitate management in their daily planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the utilization of available resources.

Implementing a digital workplace, your enterprise can gain a unified hub that enables its employees to communicate, collaborate, and do any tasks efficiently from any location. We offer logistics providers multiple variations of digital workplace adoption so that you can choose the most suitable option for your business. Big data migrationThe global leader in vessel and shipping tracking and intelligence has chosen Itransition to migrate their data to a new BI system. Our team migrated automatic identification system messages and big data and expanded the system with extended AIS message query and area analytics. We ask for your requirements, investigate what is to be improved, and then compile the scope of the project to achieve the necessary goals. Softvelopers delivers fully-fledged solutions that cover everything from route planning to invoicing.

Steps To Building A Custom Logistics Management Software

With vehicle tracking software and mobile apps you can optimise the efficiency of your workforce and fleet, while streamlining your dispatch and carrier management processes. Utilise our custom software solutions to make data-driven decisions based on order volume, traffic and weather updates – so you’ll never be caught off guard. Our software offers barcode scanners, radio frequency identification , and automatic identification and data capture to facilitate inventory tracking and optimize warehouse operations.

Capacity to Scale Syberry’s team of more than 250 expert engineers can scale any project. From progress and inventory tracking to payment management, streamline your relationships with vendors and contractors. With Zoho Creator, the apps you build or install are automatically available on iOS and Android devices. An insider look into Courier Logistics’s transformative journey from legacy software to custom apps, courtesy of Zoho Creator. With goods moving in and out of warehouses at different paces, tracking inventory can get complicated fast.

custom logistics software

With IoT tools, location-based services, and data analytics, local authorities and private companies can make their cities more liveable, attractive, and sustainable. With the additional security measures on storage servers and user verification. You can also be sure in complete confidentiality thanks to the fact that we sign an NDA contract with each customer. Also, we work strictly under the contract, which guarantees our compliance with all conditions during the project development.

Mobile apps play a vital role in optimizing the supply chain and saving costs for the company. For our clients from eCommerce industry we built custom order management solutions, and automatic delivery price calculation. We were impressed by ELEKS’ attention to detail and willingness to analyse how our business works. We’ll help you get the most from your demand predictions and customer interaction data. Our advanced analytics and modelling tools allow you to dynamically manage your pricing strategy and boost revenue by up to 20%, on certain routes and services. We help to implement tracking solutions for remote control of your corporate assets, shipments, cargo conditions.

Business Process Reconstruction

Partnering with clients worldwide, we gained the necessary experience in logistics software development services. We deliver well-thought custom software solutions for retailers, logistics companies, transportation companies, 3rd party logistics, trucking service providers, freight forwarder companies, and warehouse providers. We match solutions to client business needs, understanding gaps, and problems that are to be resolved. It includes the scale of goods production, usage of various types of cargo, accommodating parcels of different sizes and weights, and much more. At this point, manual management starts to demand resources that may not be at the company’s disposal.

Software development engineer logistics should have experience and deep knowledge of several technologies. It takes proper knowledge of manufacturing processes, strong mathematical, and engineering skills. Such professionals should have experience with JavaScript, C++, .NET, and advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications, SAP, and Access. Such specialists also need to have experience in analytical problem-solving, including KPI reporting, gap analysis, and cause/effect diagrams. Pandemic or not, custom logistics software has been critical in empowering Liquid Freight to “change when change is needed,” as Wallace puts it. We are aware of the latest innovations on the market, so by ordering logistics app development from us, you enable your business to reach a new level.

custom logistics software

Custom logistics software comes with a wide array of advantages that sets your business apart from the competition. You can now start building the modules and the functionalities you need. Since low-code technology is people-centric, it allows you to involve business users along with IT professionals. You can invite feedback while developing the software, iterating as you build. A developer’s sandbox like the one that comes with Kissflow’s platform allows developers and end-users to work in tandem.

Solutions enable companies to profit from the opportunity to choose the most beneficial route for that or another shipment. We may customize it in a way to make it easier for you to load all vehicles with a balanced amount of cargo fitting all the needed destinations. Our devs deploy the latest innovations and their unbeatable tech proficiency to build solutions that can help you achieve your most ambitious business goals. Get a centralized system to control and automate warehouse operations, such as receiving and moving items, or tracking staff productivity. Build software to synchronize receiving and storing inventory across several systems to be aware of the accurate number of products for sale. A detailed plan to seamlessly integrate the IT product into your business processes.

A custom IT solution like this will significantly improve your logistics processes, your supply chain in particular. Thanks to the custom logistic software solutions you can optimize the logistic processes, hence, speed up the supply chain, delivery, commodity security, and reporting. This levels up your business by increasing the effectiveness and smoothness of workflow as a whole. Logistic software solutions digitize your enterprise improving the accuracy of all calculating processes which speeds up your business and, in turn, increases the profits. Custom logistics software solutions are created individually for your company’s business needs. A solution like this makes the logistical processes go smoothly which allows you to speed up the supply chain, optimize the warehouse workflow and data operations.

Our team works on each project with maximum involvement to become your reliable IT partner. In addition, our specialists work in the “support service” mode and are always ready to answer your questions. The route planning feature, usually based on Google Maps API or other map services, can aссess current traffic conditions and adjust the route “on the go”, enabling fast and economical delivery.

You will be able to carry out automated control over the goods shipment, reception, and storage. In addition, this software optimizes the delivery process, which increases their satisfaction with the service. It also gives recommendations for replenishment, which rationalizes the cost of resources. Take the opportunity to combine all logistics processes in one platform. This way you have a complete system to manage all logistics processes, from transportation to distribution. The logistic software solution can be used to predict the time of delivery, automate the supply chain, and data operation.

Logistics Management Software

Yes, we provide training to the client’s employees after the development. We will provide your team with all the necessary materials and help them to master the new digital environment. First of all, storing all documents and reports on the cloud can protect your data from being physically stolen or leaked. Secondly, it is possible to protect the data with passwords, encrypt it and limit access depending on the position or responsibility of the employee. In our article on cutting logistics costs we mentioned inefficient labour as one of the factors that steadily drain your finances. However, the productivity of employees is sometimes too subjective and difficult to track.

custom logistics software

IT in general and software development for logistics in particular has changed lots of businesses around the world, and the process keeps going. Don’t miss a chance to bring your logistics company on the edge of technological progress and beat your competitors. Take advantage of early billing error detection and eliminate delivery inconsistencies.

Maritime Data Analytics For A Global Shipping Intelligence Provider

In general, an application for a transport company can have both common functions and unique features related to your business. The extraordinary logistics app design will increase the rating of your application and make your company more recognizable in the market. Therefore, we pay enough attention to creating a design and do not offer ready-made template options. We are completely satisfied with the results of our cooperation and will be happy to recommend SumatoSoft as a reliable and competent partner for development of web-based solutions. SumatoSoft team not only knew well how to build a partnership-based working process, but also offered sensible suggestions and advice helping us to reach the long-term business goals. We recommend SumatoSoft as a reliable partner in the sphere of development and implementation of complex business solutions.

Adopting Custom Enterprise Logistics Software

Also, such a solution can speed up data processing, which reduces delivery time and works for maximum customer satisfaction. Custom software is developed with a particular business case in mind and is designed to perfectly fit all the processes of the company. A custom system can include specific features and can be developed within several months. It is more expensive, however, the cost is reasonable considering that the system is optimized and the automated processes significantly reduce the logistics budget. Moreover, the custom software doesn’t require existing business processes be changed to match the pre-developed features of a SaaS logistics system.

Increasing The Efficiency Of The Supply Chain

Most businesses must choose between utilizing off-the-shelf software and developing custom software. When a company creates a custom logistics application, it invests in a long-term solution that ensures the company’s continuous success. We develop comprehensive logistics management software solutions which ensure fast and efficient delivery of goods to your clients. Our custom logistics software simplifies your entire order lifecycle – from entry and fulfilment to inventory management, packing, shipping and tracking – with GPS navigation and mobile reporting capabilities. Implementation of a powerful custom logistics software application allows companies to perform numerous logistics management tasks simultaneously.

As a result, your transportation will be faster and more efficient, at a lower cost. Belitsoft has been the driving force behind several of our software development projects within the last few years. We are very happy with Belitsoft, and in a position to strongly recommend them for software development and support as a most reliable and fully transparent partner focused on long term business relationships. Our Client, a US-based freight management company, needed a custom core business app to optimize their workflows.

Thanks to our IT-consulting service you’ll be able to get technical expertise on every stage of project development and implementation. This way you’ll have a detailed plan of the project which helps to prevent possible mistakes. Our specialists are ready to advise you on possible solutions to all problems during the development process. But, apart from these obvious advantages, implementing logistics software can bring clear financial benefits. Firstly, it will significantly reduce time spent on paperwork, as most of the manual tasks can be handled by the software, which works faster and more accurately, and doesn’t require an hourly payment. The system can generate reports in seconds, automatically send invoices and print QR codes with encrypted information about the products.

All you need to do is take a photo of the file using a phone or a tablet and upload it to the cloud. We’ve appreciated the level of ELEKS’ expertise, responsiveness and attention to details. In case you don’t know where to start your project, you can get in touch with our Business Consultant. Our client Logistics Software Development success stories are the best testimony to the excellency of our software support. Feature-Rich Frameworks Our developers use frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular and others. Data is stored electronically instead of in a physical form, so it can’t be destroyed or deleted without your approval.

This is what allows us to create qualitative IT-products, and you – to be sure in our developments. The whole process of creation and maintenance will be simple, reliable, and oriented to your business goals and needs. Automation of logistic processes allows you to make the delivery much more quick and comfortable for the client.